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Inspirational #eventprofs - Clem Crowther

You know when you scroll through Instagram, I bet there are a few people you take the time to listen to. For me, Clem Crowther is one of those. Without a doubt, I listen and absorb her positive energy and smile to myself. With her love of the industry and an advocate for community events and volunteering, I had to listen and help share her story.


Clem, clem, clem. My queen of positivity, how are you today? Please tell us - how do you stay SO positive?

Hello! I am very well thank you!... I hope you are too!... I get asked this a lot! I have always had the mindset of “living and loving life up to the max” and “why complain” so I think this certainly helps me with my mindset daily. A big thing for me is having the right, supportive people around me. I know that sounds like something everyone would say, but I am a true believer in supporting each other and cheering your tribe on. Having fantastic people around me absolutely plays a key part in my positivity.

As well as this I make sure I have “me time” during the week, this isn’t something that I enjoyed up until recently - during lockdown funnily enough. Scheduling a walk, chill night or a night watching Emmerdale really helps and it is so important for me to re-charge and just chill out a bit.

I need you walking behind me cheering me on every day! So tell us more about you, clem? An event profs from Huddersfield. You’ve travelled all over the world on cruise ships, you get involved in the local community and work with local businesses all over your county. Now add event host, podcast interviewer, panellist and queen of social media, how do you do it all?

Of course! I am cheering you on daily. Yes, so I was born in good old Huddersfield and stayed here ever since with a few experiences working in London and in the entertainment team in Thomson cruise ships - loved it!. I have always been a keen volunteer and super passionate about youth empowerment, and have been a volunteer for Girlguiding for around 10 years now. I have been freelancing in events for around 6 years as well as my full-time role in events I started at the beginning of last year.

Hosting and presenting wise, a few years ago I was the presenter at a large scale festival for Girlguiding members and absolutely found another passion. Over lockdown, I have gained lots of experience hosting various industry events and panels, and something I can proudly say is I am now working freelance for a fabulous company doing some presenting for them - watch this space!

Your love of the events industry is shown in abundance. What is it that excites you most about the industry?

A big one for me is I just absolutely love making connections, meeting people and love bringing people together. Over lockdown, in particular, it's been so amazing to see so many #eventprofs come together and connect, I have made so many special friendships which I know will last for a good while and continue to support me lots along my journey.

There is something so special for me about bringing people together, feeling the buzz and watching people in their element. I just love to see and feel the excitement, seeing the smiles on people’s faces and the atmosphere on site. The whole idea of creating those special moments for people is what I love.

I always see you posting about events and helping local businesses. How did you get involved and what are your top tips for people wanted to do the same in their local area?

I started helping to deliver events for my local area throughout lockdown from family trails in the local woods to dressing up as an elf throughout December with Santas sleigh for the local children!. Any advice to get involved would be to see if there is a Facebook group for your area and suggest setting up a group that could help plan and deliver activities, the response from our community was amazing.

We also have a community notice board where we advertise what’s coming up and opportunities to get involved in projects- this is a good one too to utilise. It is such a positive and impactful thing to do that I’m sure the locals will be more than happy to come together and make a difference.

Clem for PM has a ring to it! Clem, we all have challenges, and I know you have yours too, but How do you remain positive in challenging times? I know if it’s me I go silent, come away from social for a while and take a step back. I adore your ability to show up.

Ahh I love this! If I am honest what keeps me positive is having the right people around me and journaling daily. Journaling has become such a big part of my daily routine, it helps so much when reflecting and makes me realise how much I have achieved during the day, even the little things.

When times are challenging, another way I like to remember I can face anything is, I always look back at my posts on social media and put a bit of Westlife on my Spotify and just look back at the good and fun times. I know that might sound slightly strange but it really makes me think “this bad day will be worth it for the good times!” I know that with the people around me, there is always someone that will lift me up if I need it, and sometimes looking at all the inspirational accounts on Instagram helps too, I follow lots of them.

Networking is an art and you seem to have smashed it this year and have connected to so many people. What are your top tips for others who are nervous to approach people or wanting to expand their network?

Thank you! I have always loved to chat to people about their background, how they got into the industry they are in, and love listening to their experiences and opportunities they have had… I think my main tip would be just to be yourself. You want to be remembered for the true you and don’t forget - first impressions count. I actually used to think networking was all about just selling things to each other, however, it is totally more than that.

All of the event roles I have had throughout the years have been through the power of networking, whether this is through approaching people or being approached on LinkedIn, meeting individuals whilst volunteering at events or attendees at events I go to. I would totally say just reach out to that person and ask for a quick chat. The worst that can happen is you get a no! And use your initiative, there are many ways to network.

What’s next then Clem? Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? (Figuratively speaking)

In 5 years time, professionally - I hope to be inspiring many with my journey and be thriving in a role where I have a fantastic team around me.

Personally, I hope to still be inspiring young women to reach their potential with my role in Girlguiding, still doing lots of volunteering and making a difference in my community and doing more global volunteering… I have a few things in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled!

If you're wondering where you can find Clem, you can follow her on the following;

Instagram @Clem_crowther -

LinkedIn - Clementine Crowther BA (Hons) here

Podcast - Feel good with Clem ... here

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