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Interview tips - Mindset

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

If interviews always make you fearful and the thought of entering a meeting room make you sweat, read on for some of my favourite tips to turn your nerves on their head and ace the interview.

Interviewing always leaves a little fear in people and quite rightly so. We are being judged on what we know, what we can do, how we communicate with others, what we stand for, how friendly we appear and how effectively we can showcase all of that in 30-60 minutes. And whilst I do feel that jolt of nerves just before I step into the meeting room, I remember some key points that put me back at ease. For the most part, I have managed to secure every job I have interviewed for by going in with a particular mindset and having some interesting questions to ask.

The first is the mindset. Your circumstances will definitely influence how you feel about the interview. If you are in desperate need of a job, then you are likely to feel stressed. If you are merely searching the market and looking for the next opportunity then you are far more likely to be more relaxed about the situation. If you are looking to level up in your next role, you will likely feel insecure and unsure of yourself. Whichever reason you fall to, and there are many more, thinking too much about your situation will likely influence how you perform on the day.

When approaching the interview, think of it as a casual conversation rather than a grilling where I am under complete scrutiny. Whilst some of that may be true, see both sides as trying to understand what the other needs and wants. Try not to see the interviewer as a figure of importance. Don't put them on a pedal stool, don't think they're going to solve all your problems and they are definitely not your boss at this point. It goes without saying though to be respectful and professional. You could be meeting with the CEO but on a basic human level, you are equal to them and them to you. With an interview, there is no hierarchy, just you and someone representing a company that you would like to work for. Immediately, this puts my mind at ease and allows me to be less stiff, bringing more of my personality to the conversation, showcasing who I am and my conversing style. Go in with the mindset that this company would be lucky to have you on their team. Turn the tables and make this as much about interviewing them for you and your lifestyle, as them interviewing you. Do they fit in with your values? Can you sense what kind of environment the working place is? Be prepared to interview them to find out as much about your time in the company there too.

Key points?

1 - You are interviewing them to see if they fit what you need from a job

2 - There is no hierarchy, just you and a representative from the company

3 - They would be lucky to have you in their team

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