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Sustainability - What can you be doing?

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

It's no secret that the world is struggling. With over population, with waste products, with carbon emissions, etc the list goes on. The events industry play a huge part in that, it's time to discuss what actions we are going to take. I could give you a long list of statistics in how changing to a vegan menu is going to cut water usage, and choosing a venue that is powered by solar panels is going to reduce greenhouse gases and getting rid of event swag lessens the residual waste that is left in on the planet that will never decay, but you already know that. Instead, I am going to give you my top tips on how you make a conscious decision, a natural one.

Clients. They ultimately have the final say but what conversations are you having from the outset? If they're interested, provide them with some facts. Have a FAQ available for them to read before you start making any decisions. If they are a long standing client, you are most likely having yearly reviews. Bring it up, get their thoughts, argue your case suitably. Try and work together to make as many changes as possible, this also benefits their CSR activity. Think about location to ease transport, investing in a digital platform for hybrid events but also for things like tickets, agendas, floor plans, menus etc.What are the food alternatives? Do you need disposable cups? What are you venues recycling policies? How do you give back in the community?

Suppliers. There are so many questions you can be asking and should almost come as second nature. How do you recycle? Where do you source your products from? What materials are your products made from? Do you have a eco friendly version? Are they local to your event? How many staff members do you really need onsite? You have a small influence on which suppliers your client goes with and if you find one that aligns with being sustainable to the environment, it's a no brainer. Cost may become indicative here but always try and negotiate for a better price.

On site. If you have asked all the questions to your suppliers then this bit should be a breeze. Wastage should be limited on materials and food. Excess donated where possible. Transport miles significantly reduced. Carbon footprint paid. Recycle everything you possibly can and

Post event. Can you do a case study and show how you was able to reduce your footprint and the impact that has in helping reduce the impact on the environment? Not only will your client visually be able to see the reduction but it also it something to shout about to their audience allowing others to buy into their brand.

There are many great guides out there that will help steer you in the right direction and give you the dialogue you need to help influence decision makers. Have the conversations, help the planet for future generations and let's try and erase some of the damage that's already been created. We are seen as an industry that influences change and generates forward thinking, let's make this more than a trend.

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