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Which podcasts should you check out?

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

My boyfriend was looking through our bank account the other day and questioning what we could cancel. 'Apple subscription? do we need that? Oh wait, I listen to my podcasts with that. Can't cancel that.' I looked at him in pure disbelief. He genuinely didn't know they are free.

I was first introduced to podcasts about 4 years ago and like most people I think the first introduction was with 'my dad wrote a porno'. In all honesty, wasn't really my cup of tea but it did open up a world of free content, on any topic, accessible from anywhere in the world and in the last year I have found ones to inspire, guide and educate. They're not something you have to listen to, but if you listen conversation whilst you work and learning something at the same time, give the following a listen and let me know what you think.

Mental health is a big interest to me. As someone suffering and someone that supports others that suffer, it's so helpful to hear other peoples stories on their struggles, what their happy place in and what they do to help themselves. Everyone is different but this also reminds me that everyone is also very similar and you are not alone.

Plus Ferne Cotton has one of the most soothing voices and no screeching which I cannot stand in a podcast.

I was introduced to Rachel Hollis and the Rise Podcast through the community on Instagram. I saw a lot of talk about the Rise rally in America and how they pivoted to virtual within a matter of weeks. I didn't attend the virtual conference this year but should they incorporate virtual again next year, I will be waiting eagerly to get my ticket.

Rachels podcast are motivating, thought provoking, challenging and supportive. She gives you the tools to really get out there and achieve your goals.

A recent discovery and one I am enjoying. Being Boss is a great podcast for entrepreneurs and those looking to go freelance needing some guidance, a little motivation and knowledge.

There are podcasts on creating a business plan, productivity hacks, the imposter complex, money and what you should be charging, how to devote your side time hustle and the list goes on. With many of us in an uncertain position at the moment, it certainly gives us something to look towards.

If there is something you are unsure of or there is a new trend emerging and you want to know how it can benefit you and what you do or there is a side of the industry you have no exposure to and you want to keep up to date, Event Industry News podcasts is one of the best to keep in the know. Recruiting speakers from across the globe, the team delve into the big and small things that make the events industry what it is.

If you are a student trying to decide your career path and want some insight or whether you are already in the industry and just looking for conversation with like minded people, then this podcast is for you. Spilling the dirt on what happens behind the scenes, speaking from different points of view, and discussing challenging topics in the sector, this podcast covers it all.

Most of these are available on the websites (click the picture to access) and you can subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. There are many other brilliant podcasts out there and these are only a small selection. Please let me know what you are listening to and what I should be adding to my list.

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