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Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Networking can be very daunting, I think people have the image of an elevator pitch and the purpose of going to networking events as a hard selling tactic. It doesn't have to be like that. Making connections and meeting like minded people can be exciting and a relief in such a large industry. Joining industry targeted groups or hobby specific is a great way of easing yourself in as you will have something in common and eventually some go to pals for recommendations on jobs, locations, suppliers, regulations etc.

I have recently joined some great networking groups to help elevate my knowledge and my career within the industry, post covid - the events industry is going to look a lot different and having the ability to lean on others who also keep up to date with the latest offerings is a great way to be ahead of the curve in your job and give you an edge over others. You can join many groups digitally right now and build connections before meeting face to face.

  • Event Profs Live - A networking group for corporate event planners hosting monthly events from Fam trips, drink receptions and breakfast meetings. Throughout lockdown the whatsapp group has seen everyone sharing their experience, recommendations and guidance with suppliers, personal experience with furlough and job losses to sharing new job positions. It truly is a supportive group of friends and I can't wait to meet everyone face to face when everything returns to a little sense of normality.

  • Get Ahead in Events - A Facebook group that shares tips and tricks to get started in the industry, insights into worldwide event news, weekly virtual coffee mornings, masterclasses & Q&A's with some of the biggest suppliers in the industry. Samantha is a really active host and is always interacting with members of the group and creating posts for some great discussion points.

  • Event Goal Getters - For those looking to really kill their personal and professional goals this year, Juliet Tripps new membership group is the place to be. Free resources, group mentoring, power calls, coaching calls and accountability partners. Juliet is super engaging and the biggest cheerleader if you don't follow her on instagram yet, go and do it now!

If signing up to a networking group isn't quite your thing just yet, there are plenty of opportunities to network at industry shows up and down the country whilst seeing the best suppliers the UK has to offer.

Head over to the websites to register for the new scheduled dates. Remember, don't take networking too seriously, it is a chance to connect and engage in topical conversation. There are events in most cities you can be apart of and chances to connect with others nationwide. Enjoy yourself x

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