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Rejection and how to handle it

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Rejection is a hard emotion to deal with. You immediately go to this feeling of shame and low self-esteem. Whether it's romantically, socially or professionally it can twist our minds into thinking we will never reach our goals, hopes and dreams. You can become obsessed with finding faults in yourself and if you are not careful, it can become a slippery slope of self-deprecation and a horrible paper bag to fight out of.

Why am I talking about rejection? Well, I recently got through to the interview stage of the Fast Forward 15 programme but sadly didn't make the final 15. For those of you who don't know what the programme is, it's a 12-month mentorship programme where a group of 15 women from the events, hospitality and tourism industry work together and make their goals happen. Whether you are a business owner, a graduate or senior management, the aim is to help you reach your full potential in a space of like-minded women. I had been waiting on the email for a few days but had a feeling I wouldn't quite make the cut, and with an incredible calibre of event professionals sharing their journeys, experiences and struggles this year, the panel certainly would have had a tough job narrowing down their selection. So a huge well done to those that made it through, I can't wait to see who is on this year's cohort and to see what you all achieve.

The thing with rejection is that we can't let it deter us. It has a habit of demotivating us, have us wondering 'what's the point?', lose sight of our goals, and deem ourselves unworthy of success. But it should be the spark that ignites the fire and says "I'll show you". Whether that's right now or 3-5 years down the line. Our timelines and trajectories are all so very different and as the famous saying goes, 'what's for you, will not go by you'.

Just because this one route hasn't quite worked for us on this occasion, there will be another way. Another route that keeps us on track. This weekend I will be taking my time to figure out what I want, what I need and the steps to get there. Keep fighting the good fight, throw on some boss ass music and get back to kicking ass and find your next path!

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